behold dishes, each all pain

In autumn, the harvest season with unsteady temperature warm yellow light. Distance in the field, a piece of golden yellow. Wind, golden waves in the ripples in the sunset. Whenever the sun freshwater pearl earrings, the earth's surface temperature gradually faded, overall response time is our home. The children is short of energy is small, so can only be responsible for the harvest.

Adults are responsible for threshing. A simple division of labor is high efficient and clear. Ground rice smell of the fragrance, can still vaguely smell in the air of plain land. Every time when I was primary school, I will help my parents at the weekend to harvest rice. Although hard but it is full nuskin hk. Every time returned from the field, in particular, the first bite of rice at the dinner table is always the most delicious. And grandma education in appropriate cases we are always "behold dishes, each all pain".

Memory from harvest to consumption of rice is a very slow process. These include sun valley, dust removal, shelled, hoarding. The most trouble is sun valley. In our autumn weather there sometimes is not very stable. So the rural whether is there a TV in the home, most of the people can know the weather forecast for the next day. It's always good to save for a rainy day.

Another is to prevent livestock in rice defecate indiscriminately. So, you can sometimes find my afternoon will be holding a broom in front of the rice. In so doing nuskin hk, the result can be basked in rice sweep out the shade less than the sun, and can also be used to drive the cattle. There is one thing, I remember now.

One morning, as the chickens run to my house in the neighborhood where sun valley "run", because of my negligence, went to the neighbor to play CARDS, result I was grandma. After one afternoon, when other people's chicken, dare to pounce, and I will pick up the broom to kill them to the end of the world, in my depressed mood. This is the impression of my childhood had a few pieces of one of the most childish things.

Catch the cicada

When summer comes, cicadas in the woods always resounded through the whole piece of the sky. The sun burning cement and the expansion of the air also seems to give people a feeling of suffocation. But the thick euphoria longana lanark and mango trees at this time as we always habitat under ground shade for us late. So sometimes, although the adults in the lunch break, in addition to the cicadas in the woods, Ergonomic seating still can hear the voice of the sparse. - that is my friend and I.