always rises quietly

Life say goodbye forever, goodbye from beginning to end, you have gradually is scar, at the time of falling back, that day we meet in the street, to say to each other and smile, and then waved goodbye, turned behind has tears streaming down her face cloud backup.
Players often lay in this song, when I think of some fragments, this song will ring. Because I felt less regret, in the following landscape away every time in intermittent clear and fuzzy.
Tears of face, when the sun goes down to the west, at the crossroads of some necessary always inadvertently reveal the pain, the thought of carrying you through my daily only some of the road, tell you my present situation, is I a person talking all the way, are you listening to. Drifted off, and be like a dream, I woke, and found that there are only sporadic in hand is worth memories. The sporadic memory lets people often think, because it makes the footprint of the time stay in ten years ago, foolish boy.
Also remember in a cold winter night, and a couple of friends around the stove, so quiet time, another pot of hot tea, cooked a pot of tea for the glass after glass of, we talking about some topic of life, everyone's face are written out inclusion in this years could not hide the tiredness, to Lin, who is not hiding anything! Maybe yes, who and who lives, really are hiding, hiding oneself mood, hiding his joy and sorrow. Seem to live no matter how to choose is wrong. Since then contacted a common friend of him 15 years, the phone in the long run, to greet, today also catch up meet Spring Festival tea only left in a hurry.
Nostalgia is a very warm words. , warm warm afternoon tea room, relative and huan, toasts, because only each other warm people have chance to sit down and catch up a cup of tea, chat all sing with the past, to move forward at the next corner. We often play multiple roles in numerous and complicated world, enchanting may calm.
One winter morning, don't send you to the station, set a bowl of beef noodles, you are about to go to the top of the lushan mountain snow did not melt. Lushan winter what impressed me most is the Christmas that year, with the snow, and two girlfriends braved the wind and snow climb bawcock slope, after photographs resort to a brighter, now must be rescheduled for a date, when young we, how have the courage to have the courage, snow is more and more big, all the way to the top of the hill is so BingGua to meet us, with his feet all the way to write down many imprinting, now want to those who write the word on the snow is shy but precious.. Snow imprinting are paving again, know that worry only earth. That day I sat in the photographs resort far see vast poyang lake water in text messages to ask: can you guess where am I? Back: not in poyang lake in lushan. Since then more than a guess, is such a coincidence. Return the car that night to hear the love is love, that is 12 years ago on Christmas, a chain of winter ice and snow zones, deeply seared into memory, never ambiguous. Then miss of photographs resort, every look up at the hill of the silent, mountains and rivers, over, over the years of growth rings, always rises quietly 白话佛法.

JC Penney to shed 33 stores, cut 2000 jobs

NEW YORK – J.C. Penney Co Inc said on Wednesday it will close 33 stores and cut 2,000 jobs as part of the struggling retailer's efforts to return to profit..

Chief Executive Myron Ullman in a statement called the move an important step that "addresses a strategic priority to improve the profitability of our stores."

Penney, which operates about 1,100 mid-market department stores in the United States, is trying to stanch enormous losses and win back shoppers after suffering a 25 percent drop in sales in fiscal 2012 during a failed attempt to go upmarket.

It has returned to the discounts that were long its hallmark and brought back popular in-house brands.

Sales started ticking up in the autumn after nearly two years of monthly sales drops but remain well below fiscal 2011 levels. A press release last week with scant details on its December sales results raised concerns that the turnaround stalled during the key holiday season.

"It is not surprising to see them close stores given their financial situation," said Maxim Group analyst Rick Snyder.

Analysts expect Penney to report a 70-cent per share loss for the holiday quarter, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

The company would not say whether further closings were planned, but Ullman told Reuters in an exclusive interview last month that Penney did not intend to significantly pare the size of its store fleet.

"There's no solution in taking a big chunk of stores and lopping them off — that doesn't solve anybody's issue," Ullman said in the interview.

A Penney spokeswoman on Wednesday said two of the 33 stores were locations owned by the company, with the remainder being leased stores. Penney leases its stores at over half of its mall locations, according to an analysis last year by Green Street Advisors.

The closings, expected to be completed by May, will generate cost savings of $65 million per year, beginning in 2014. Penney expects estimated pretax charges of about $26 million in the current quarter and another $17 million spread across future periods.

Stores closing include five in Wisconsin, where archrival Kohl's Corp is dominant, three in Pennsylvania, and two in Florida. No stores in Penney's home state of Texas are slated to close.

The struggling department store chain had 116,000 employees as of February 2, 2013. That was about 40,000 fewer than a year earlier as the company tried to cope with lower sales..

Best Buy Co Inc and Sears Holdings Corp are two retailers that in recent years announced significant store closings. Last week Macy's Inc said it was closing five stores, but also opening eight new locations.

Shares slipped 1.6 percent at $6.90 in after-hours trading. They have fallen 70 percent since hitting a 52-week high last February..

Reporting by Phil Wahba

34 nuclear missile officers cheated on tests, Air Force says

The military has stripped the certification and security clearances of 34 officers at a Montana missile base after uncovering what it believes is the largest cheating scandal ever to hit the nuclear force, Air Force officials told NBC News Wednesday Set Up Business.
The officers, all assigned to the 341st Missile Wing at Malmstrom Air Force Base, are accused of apparently texting answers to each other on a monthly proficiency exam or knew that the cheating was going on and didn't report it, the officials said.
The monthly exam tested the officers' knowledge of the missile launch systems. It was administered in August and September 2013.
Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh said the officers shared the exam "electronically.” Text messages were involved, he said. He would not expand on the exact circumstances of the alleged cheating, citing an ongoing investigation.
Every missilier (officers trained in launch procedures) in the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Community will be re-tested by the close of business tomorrow, the new Air Force Secretary, Deborah Lee James, said on Wednesday.
James said that she is "profoundly disappointed" in this behavior, but she insisted that this is a failure of integrity, not of the overall nuclear mission.
Welsh said that there is no indication that the cheating scandal extended beyond these 34 officers, or beyond the one test last summer.
He said he does not know of any other time when so many officers have been de-certified from the ICBM mission at once Income Tax Hong Kong.
There are about 190 missiliers at Malmstrom, one of three U.S. Air Force bases responsible for the ICBM program.
Welsh also revealed that the investigation into drug use by 10 Air Force officers has now expanded to include one more officer. Several of those 11 officers were ICBM missile launch officers at FE Warren in Wyoming and Malmstrom.
All of those involved in the cheating scandal and the drug use are lower-ranking officers — 2nd lieutenants through captains.
Jeff Black of NBC News contributed to this report.

2 Mass. children die after getting stuck in chest

— A 7-year-old boy and his 8-year-old sister died after getting trapped in a hope chest in their home, authorities said Monday.

Family members found the children together inside the chest, which had a lid that could only be opened from the outside. Police responded to the Franklin home at about 8 p.m. Sunday, and the children were taken to hospitals but did not survive.

David Traub, a spokesman for Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey, said multiple family members, including an adult, were in the house at the time. He would not say whether the adult was a parent of the children.

A neighbor whose daughter was friends with the 8-year-old girl identified her as Lexi Munroe and said her 7-year-old brother, Sean Munroe, also died.

Dawn Powers, who lives a few doors down the street from the Munroe family, said the brother and sister were very well-behaved, "the type of kids you invite into your home."

Traub said the hope chest was "an older type" made by Lane Furniture and was purchased by the family secondhand more than a decade ago.

In 1996, Lane recalled 12 million cedar chests with lids that automatically latch shut after receiving reports of six children suffocating inside. In 2000, Lane — in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission — called for a renewed search for the chests after becoming aware of another suffocation death and two near fatalities.

Traub said it was not immediately clear if the chest owned by the family was included in that recall. The recall covered all Lane and Virginia Maid brand cedar chests manufactured between 1912 and 1987.

Messages left at the headquarters of Heritage Home Group, which now owns Lane, were not immediately returned Monday.

A message on Lane's website says it has provided new locks free of charge that don't automatically latch when the lid is closed. The company said chests made after 1987 have the new safety locks.

Traub said autopsies would be conducted. He said the family is cooperating.

No one appeared to be inside the family's ranch-style home Monday morning. Several children's bicycles were scattered in the backyard, along with a boy's truck and a plastic sled. Two bouquets of flowers and two stuffed animals — a white kitten and a brown dog — had been left on the front steps.

Both children attended an elementary school in town. School officials informed parents of the children's deaths and said counselors are available to students and staff.

Powers said she occasionally brought Lexi on family outings.

"She was just one of those kids, you enjoying taking them," Powers said.

She praised the children's parents, who also have three other children.

"Everything they did was for the kids," she said. "This is just a tragic accident."

Associated Press writer Denise Lavoie contributed from Boston.

I disagree with your assessment

I disagree with your assessment, Gayle. I don't think the failure of your son to find a job is because he lacks experience. That's simply not logical. Everyone who's ever had a job found their first one without experience Set Up Business.

So if a lack of experience isn't the problem, what is?

There's no way to know for certain from the information you've provided, and odds are it's a combination of factors. But let's go over some potential problems and possible solutions.

He's not applying for the right job
Last year, I ran an ad for a video producer. I specifically asked those without the required five years' experience not to waste their time or mine by applying.

Result? Tons of applications from new grads.

Submit a thousand applications for jobs you're not qualified for and you'll get a thousand rejections.

A different story: Six years ago I hired a guy right out of college for $12 an hour. His degree wasn't related to this business and his job was grunt work. Today that guy is in charge of all technical aspects of this website. I won't say how much he's making now, but it's a heck of a lot more than $12 an hour.

The way to prevent rejection due to lack of experience is to apply for jobs that don't require it. They probably won't pay well, but that's OK. Create value for the company, then ask for more money. If that doesn't work -- if you can't add value or make your voice heard -- find a different job Income Tax Hong Kong.

He's not applying at the right company
Small businesses like mine are often easier to get into than giant ones. If you're applying at IBM, there's a rigid vetting process that can't be deviated from. If you're applying here, all you have to do is convince me you can add value.

Smaller businesses may also offer broader responsibilities, which makes the job more interesting. Our small staff has input into virtually everything we do, from editorial content to website design. You won't find that at CNN or The New York Times.

As for advancement, a small staff means fewer layers of management and more opportunity for advancement, or at least recognition. At a business this size, no one can falsely take credit for your ideas

it will be only a cold winter

You might regret that far away in the spring, maybe you will constantly think of that convention in the spring of willow shore Xiaofeng moon waking . So let me Nianqi clove thoughts of you , such as tea as the years into a transparent heart pot , then carefully injected into the memories of water gentleness . Ling Long cover lid carved heart , mind the pot warm pot of spring with you.
Twisted willow green back on the river bank , Dutch croon of Painting at the central water , canoe study which is which direction the wind who shocked leave, knowing who the night singing "The more people Song" : Shan Xi wood with wooden sticks , Jun Xi Jun Moods know .
Most are of a heartbroken : Jun Xi Jun Moods know . Secretly sad , sad tear drops , for that canoe children who do not go worrying about the final , but it is the king know . Acacia love is love each other , and scattered to thank tune like flowers , like Yepiao Ling , the heart of the last to go low to the dust , but no there is a shred of response. It is somewhat sad it? And how amazing it is just a sad ?
Is lost it? Or disheartened ? The pain is injury worry is sad is it ? Rummaged poetry can not find the right one , and only love your heart sinking as children reflect on the summer lotus exceptionally red, Yan Hongyan matched the red blood -like Acacia. Into the forest cuckoo bird sings , who sings broken heart? Did cry woke up that obscurity , open the chaos . Even though tens of thousands of years in it? But also just a moment , give me drunk with a spring in drawing near , give me a look back at the Red dilute Mo , even if only a soft smile love between a frown of this , I suffice.
Perhaps the grass desolately waterfront bar , sit on the grass in the meadow , squinted to see the clouds , but hurry as elegant. Cloud carrying something? Sparkling like skirts dancing in the sky .
I'll wait for you quietly under the eye-catching green spring sky , waiting for you Fallen stepping trail walking toward me . That Qiongyin Tasui a heavy winter , wild fish woke up one day , the two spring Pengdao front of me.
Sitting opposite , separated by a curtain of green and verdant, the starting cups , a scene that was not even drink also intoxicated , let alone hold up a glass of spring yet ?
Xu is wait too long , the promise is so bitter , and perhaps so too crazy . Heart children like a winter bird dormant already Annaibuzhu in this enchanting red fat green thin stretch wings in the sky in love fly free .
You can not help but chant the song "The more people song," You keep asking me : Moods Jun Xi , Jun know I do not know what I do not know ?
You can not avoid me in the slightest , to love my face , vague shall I say this is the heart have , how I do not know it? If you do not know , unless we do not know each other .
So now what ? Has so far away in the spring, has been in the past has been, who will once again relive that spring , who will pick up that heavy to cherish , and suddenly some of the cool , what is it ? Passing through my heart , my cheeks fell shocked .
Men do not cry easily, but not yet reached the depths of love , I really love you , so deep so arrogant, I get out of those days have you had in the spring , you're my life in the spring, no you , my life will be surrounded by ice , it will be only a cold winter .