the acme enchanting!

Always like, standing on the corner of the mottled green shade, Mr. Xia wan one cool, see a summer flowers enchanting, feel good time calm. Alone, no one to disturb, quietly enjoy the glebe's old one. Like this, quiet and beautiful, as the days went past, flowers bloom, a kind of charm, for four seasons weathered erosion, and unscathed, like a tree open bright, and like a hint of jasmine, sending out the fragrance, ooze heart into the spleen. That mr.zhou's white, the faint fragrance, grace and elegance, perfection and quietly elegant alexander hera pre wedding.

The world is always lonely. Silence alone on the west building, courtyard deep how much loneliness, wutong drizzle a little sorrow. Always want to live into a flower's, and one individual plant grass QingHuan. Fragrance, I don't need too many people to enjoy, I am strong, don't need to be praised, as long as someone knows, is enough! Silent, it is not deep, without regret and is open to the tea end the acme enchanting!

One night, and keep a quiet wind window, looking round month, or a drunk to hear a shade misty rain, put a soothing music, without the feelings on the safety of pink flowers, only a white lotus in the heart, slowly in full bloom. At one time through the eyes of an unattainable lonely, in the month gathering veils of the night, light dance, spectacular. Ethereal music, as if from ancient through by tonight, imagine thousands of years ago that one of the beautiful and quiet night night, a plain woman, graceful and restrained walking furnace, gradually to the month. QingHuan a person, a person's lonely, such as lotus heart of wen wan into a Que word, composed a song, self-entertainment self-sufficiency happy alexander hera wedding!

Always hate late. Hate too late. If he was born in tang and song dynasty, it would be great! Not have been truly looks, not three thousand pet at a suit, wish one heart person, the hoary head not and separation. Do you only a person of colchicine iraqis, mae in the water, day by day, have you noticed, drink the Yangtze river water. Poplar and willows, oblique micro wind rain, flute morning, intention, and experienced the sails for you, but it will not complain!

Maybe a woman born love dreaming, I was that little woman will never grow up, has a clear, romantic and gentle sadness. Always hope, as a place in the distant, is the heaven of my dream. Where I can enjoy the love, wantonly make public, can laugh, also can conceal sadness. All dream, reality unbearable to exile here, float in the sky. Without the secular disturb, away from the spread rumors, leaf of canoe, fold a green willow, melodious tweedle. Dance to make clear shadow, everything is floating clouds floating, a piece of blue, the wind light cloud light amway

Time QingJian, fast-forward, in decades, idle away one's. Some past, always not forget for a moment, some once, still stay in the heart. The memory of those covered by moss, always in front of the wind after the rain, casual. Cut a year time, half bright and beautiful, half thin cold, some people, drifting away; Some edge, the deep reason shallow, some reading, bigotry; Some love, the wind light cloud light.

A person's life, mountain water cheng a ride, this time, we went through a variety of, also have a lot of moving. Affection, love and friendship, gave us the biggest comfort, we always hope I love the people, will, as always, accompany we go together, but always backfire. Loss of pain and helpless love, can't love! Some people come and go; The some feeling strong and weak. Mountain water far long life, no one can accompany you to the permanent, is doomed to be a person's lonely, a person's maintenance.