breeze blowing, chill hit

After dinner, sitting in the window, watching the sunset, afterglow asperses full whole out of the window, the leaves like the golden yellow butterflies, the fly in the air. This is the autumn scenery, beautiful autumn scenery, I don't want to miss, don't want to just see as a small window alexander hera pre wedding.

Went downstairs, stroll in the leaves with trail, breeze blowing, chill hit, more like shutter swept gently, the leaves and flying over and over again.

Suddenly remind of a word "falling leaf is the tree of the abandoned or the pursuit of the wind?" Maybe only Ye Cai know.

Just a little sad, a little leaf, the bud in branch rod through the cold season, it is destined to be abandoned in the fall, no matter how high began to grow on the branches, will ultimately wither under the power of the season, and the tree is green can bring life to it.

Tree heartless? Or is it in order to save his own life, but at least they gave in the choice alexander hera pre wedding.

Can really only leaves fall after all? And the wind!

So that leaves only struggling in the wind, wandering, aimless, parked only the wind is the home to return to it, or maybe can be pass by, because there is a gust of wind.

Just leaves fell to the afterglow of the sunset is really beautiful. Wounded autumn may simply it is faded and fallen, in addition to a little sad, I still like to see the fallen leaves on the ground, even though I don't know what love is it a magnificently or its frigid and set.

Walking slowly, just like leaves aimlessly, held out his hand, quietly behind the palm leaves, quietly without movement, a wind blowing, it is in the palm of my swing gently, like a sleeping child, take my hand as wrong cradle. I like this from the wind under its fate, although my hand is not it roots in the face autism treatment.

Look at the trees on both sides, I turned the palm, since can't find belongs to the root of it, let it go on floating. Let the wind bring to find home to return to it. Just don't know whether I will also like the fallen leaves, in the way forward, with the wind by another hand hook, and then released.

Morning righteousness "compared with the flower, leaf is lonely thing in the world", and I love is a lonely man, want to partner with leaves. The sunset slowly spilled all last afterglow, such as this one season in late autumn, all the leaves will eventually into ice in cold winter.

Catching you back

I know, I Thinking again you! Write this text, perhaps to wait, perhaps the memory of something, or maybe just casually write about it! Poem take advantage of Love, live for today, others say youth should be so, but in reality we found did not imagine so chic Royal Romance.

Gradually, found that he was not in words to express your mood. Perhaps the time is forgotten, ever wanted hard in pursuit, but it is inadvertently suddenly become dejected.

Passage, a song, but it is the mind gets dusty memories, memories are bursts every heartache, that you can give up those memories forever Buried heart, no longer think, at the moment only wanted to understand the original naive.

Difficult to sleep every night habitually recalled once bit by bit, sometimes moving, sometimes heartbreaking, there Shique panic, fear. Afraid of waiting, the fear of losing.

Often pondering heart in hand, pondering the dream of happiness. A not long nor short wait, I said I will wait for you, but fear of torture to wait Royal Romance.

Every waking up, but found that happiness exists only in a dream. That day, I watched you disappear in my sight, that kind of pain, who can understand?

You always like to see enough information sent thousands of times, like pondering every word you said before, the recollection of your every expression. Only to find that he was alive in the memories Royal Romance

Was ideal, but now they are afraid to face. At the moment is somewhat at a loss, and even doubt yourself. Sometimes calm down and think, they would understand such a rush to make you and I feel uneasy, unwilling to face.

Hate love him, but can not give what you want, that relationship can only make temporary burial, if later destined, upon graduation, I was chasing you back.

behold dishes, each all pain

In autumn, the harvest season with unsteady temperature warm yellow light. Distance in the field, a piece of golden yellow. Wind, golden waves in the ripples in the sunset. Whenever the sun freshwater pearl earrings, the earth's surface temperature gradually faded, overall response time is our home. The children is short of energy is small, so can only be responsible for the harvest.

Adults are responsible for threshing. A simple division of labor is high efficient and clear. Ground rice smell of the fragrance, can still vaguely smell in the air of plain land. Every time when I was primary school, I will help my parents at the weekend to harvest rice. Although hard but it is full nuskin hk. Every time returned from the field, in particular, the first bite of rice at the dinner table is always the most delicious. And grandma education in appropriate cases we are always "behold dishes, each all pain".

Memory from harvest to consumption of rice is a very slow process. These include sun valley, dust removal, shelled, hoarding. The most trouble is sun valley. In our autumn weather there sometimes is not very stable. So the rural whether is there a TV in the home, most of the people can know the weather forecast for the next day. It's always good to save for a rainy day.

Another is to prevent livestock in rice defecate indiscriminately. So, you can sometimes find my afternoon will be holding a broom in front of the rice. In so doing nuskin hk, the result can be basked in rice sweep out the shade less than the sun, and can also be used to drive the cattle. There is one thing, I remember now.

One morning, as the chickens run to my house in the neighborhood where sun valley "run", because of my negligence, went to the neighbor to play CARDS, result I was grandma. After one afternoon, when other people's chicken, dare to pounce, and I will pick up the broom to kill them to the end of the world, in my depressed mood. This is the impression of my childhood had a few pieces of one of the most childish things.

Catch the cicada

When summer comes, cicadas in the woods always resounded through the whole piece of the sky. The sun burning cement and the expansion of the air also seems to give people a feeling of suffocation. But the thick euphoria longana lanark and mango trees at this time as we always habitat under ground shade for us late. So sometimes, although the adults in the lunch break, in addition to the cicadas in the woods, Ergonomic seating still can hear the voice of the sparse. - that is my friend and I.

Marry to love yourself

Love is great, it can let a person become tenacious vitality, can let a person become motivated, but not about our physical alexander hera wedding.

For single person is always in the claim, to find a love oneself of man; Some people, endure the lonely, lonely; Some learned to fall, in order to a had never met, torment the oneself do not know when can we meet each other in person, you cherish yourself? To be with someone who doesn't love you even if in your side will leave, how can cherish you fall? Love you don't have the heart to nature you torture yourself, why you abandon? When you see a person desperate you would think he was poor, and even look down on him, will never fall in love with him; so For those who do not love is no one to love, in other words, both men and women, you want someone to love you to love yourself first. Marry to love yourself before someone will love, married you love his marriage to longer alexander hera wedding.

We always like to say how to do a meaningful thing, how many dreams to be done, what vows of eternal love the end of time, love his a few born several hundreds of years, but, do you have any capital? Today's young people more crazy than previous generations, this flaw that habit, a decade or two years, and he even really give you a good marriage, you also don't necessarily have the good fortune to enjoy.

We all think swathes of the world is happy, happy is not happy will buy a lot of snacks, eat; Cut not live a life of a pig, some food factory in order to improve the production, in order to attract customers, add some additive is bad for the body; Good is not necessarily a healthy, media reports have never sleeps because eat fatal news all over the country. Some people, smoking, drinking, stay up late, unlimited indulge myself. Damage is yourself, also hurt the side relatives and friends. Even if every day, because these people who died, still can't give us any alert; Always give yourself to find thousands of excuses, never want to give oneself to find an excuse to form a good habit. Human greatness is not because he can talk, but they have ideas, ideas have self-control alexander hera pre wedding.

Keeping in good health, the normal life of people in the one hundred and fifty s, at around one hundred and seventy-five, low in the one hundred and twenty s (feel very bullshit data, but it is true). Preserve one's health is also eat and maintenance, do not eat much good, want to eat healthy; Not necessarily good, big fish big meat should be suitable for the check. When it comes to maintenance, will find maintenance need money; His life was not good, just to maintain. Maintenance is not let you spend how many money to buy cosmetics, pay attention to the small details of life can be done. To say the least, money is negotiable, youth is priceless; If can have a price in gold or silver of youth is a bargain. So, we will see some people to own youth to spend high price to buy cosmetics, although a luxury, but also love their performance.

Death, maybe everyone has to face; If you die young, their parents will heartache? Hello don't easy to find love is to be apart of Yin and Yang; Even in the kingdom of heaven, you see the person you love, on the bed with someone for life. For illness, death may be a relief, at least not every day to the medicine, into a point. Current society, even a rich, there are a few million, if ill will ruin.

The body is their own, health is priceless; Without them, even if you get more, want more, is a dream, a pain; Each of us should love yourself, cherish yourself; No matter what, all want to healthy living, because it is the capital. Woman/man, do you love yourself?