the child's ideas on time

This year the lunar September, otherwise to this point in time, the home also prepared for Chinese New Year of pig kill.

Memory, kill pig year my home pretty late
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When I was a child, my sisters and I are going to have a common desire, is to kill every year swine, early so you can eat the meat. But usually between ideal and reality is always opposite, we want to kill pig earlier idea in grandpa and his father thinks that kill the finished early mow, next year the idea of a few months, there is no enough meat to eat, our little desire was forced to go bankrupt. We are quite clear, oneself is a child, the child's ideas on time as a child is as light as the goose feather; Is this, we are still more self-knowledge.

So remember, every year my family to kill swine is always accompanied by a thick cotton-padded jacket, red fire, or a few year snow, light snow, the north wind, sleet, there are times when there is ice on the roof or wall. When we smile often frozen redly, if is a slug, not only around the red, the nose occasionally black; Friends often play ice, water paddy fields will have inside, small hands, frozen purple mouth constantly exhale white mist. Sometimes, people dress up more strange; Melon is MaoEr, or hole in a sweater alexander hera pre wedding.

Memory, every year there is home to a few trees, wintersweet, the more cold, the howl of the north wind, the more in the world of the ground freezing the ostentatious gorgeous.

All say without, would not rainbow had the eyes no tears. My opinion, this is from urinate in verifying the. I walk by the way, is only the ordinary way, I have a day also like you, want to say good only in my own good, to say, that can also be as thin as you, yes, I was an ordinary person, live a dull day, remembering his own wonderful.

I'm not at home now, in dongguan, the weather is relatively good, a pair of pants, without long Johns, shirts, no vests, enough. So the good weather, or my hometown in the north is relatively hard to find in this season, this is because of the geographical differences. So good weather, we are the treasure, so I want to, I need more efforts, actually do something, for yourself and for your familyalexander hera pre wedding.

Yesterday evening, and daughter-in-law to walk on the edge of the dongjiang, I and daughter-in-law said: "calculate carefully, and we in the packaging industry really soon 2 anniversary of the founding of the company."

She said: "do you still come to dongguan for four years."

"Life is so fast, will be 30 next year. By the way, the daughter-in-law, do you think we are together for so many years, I always does not change the habit of living behavior, is there, and if so what is it?"

Daughter-in-law thought for a moment, looked at me and said: "since I meet you, you always insist on doing is all in reading a book."

I carefully wanted to think, so, just sometimes, actually I'm looking at the bad books. Of course, the so-called bad book is consistent with what they do not even without a purpose to see some of the books.

Thinking, I sigh said: "for so many years, so come over, also thanks you accompany me, otherwise, I a person how lonely, lonely. In fact, a lot of times, before eat the bitter, suffered hardships are good wealth for us, just like before when chickens basic no income also continue spending every day, even after input, chickens kept dying, feeling really suffering, then doing packing box of this industry is now feeling much better than it was chicken, at least a month more or less have some income, also of course still in spending every month."

"People are similar, seen more scary, see general scary, no what."

"Well, we can work harder, more careful to do more of what we think is a difficult thing. Once, twice, three times, four times, five times... as long as constantly tell myself again, and again, really countless times again, uninterrupted, not afraid, I think we always have a chance."

no shortage of fans

Some time ago, learn to do the second bottle of chop bell pepper, the taste is not too hot is not spicy. May be associated with my material, because they don't know what kind of chili is hot, which is not hot. At random, as well to complete the first chop bell pepper, well, family naturally don't abandon, according to receiving order wifi.

Today the sun finally viewed, swept away many days of cold. The meeting was in huan - in front of house of sweet osmanthus every morning to see ground petty pleasures the fallen petal, white branches is broken, and be broken, open while away, was not a bit stingy, don't love dearly. The sun hung big enough light, the mood nature of flowers all the way. Good day, the sun on a clear day, osmanthus idle.

Noon break, nephew to the farmer's market and want to do it again chop bell pepper. In fact, I am not around children kitchen full-time housewife. Occasional cooking, cooking is also no shortage of fans.

On Friday, received the school a social survey, about some regular files provided. One column of "position" let a person's hesitation, is to fill the position of social position as a child in the school? Therefore, it is parents phoned to ask me how to fill in, I said I fill in the "mother". Mom, is my life-long job, never laid off. Back home, do the child's mother, do her husband's wife, for women, how much is a fascinating job, I lose myself, I can't from pull out server rack.

Markets put forever tempting first-of-the-season fruits and vegetables, which shuttle linger forever is the fireworks. A bowl of porridge, a soup, vegetables, no junior high and informed there is a family cook small wine red furnace of peace and beauty. Vegetable market, fireworks of the most popular of the depths of the earth, eat drink man woman in this betray oneself, what out-of-touch hermit, to fairy tale to find; Great elegance again again, the problem of food and clothing is the fundamental survival. German philosopher Hegel has an article "the servant's eyes without a hero", the tathagata, "says the proverb," no servant eyes hero. Not because the servant to serve by the man not a hero, but because of who I am waiting on hero that person just servant. When dealing with his servant hero, he is not as a hero, but as a to eat, to drink water, wear clothes. In short, the hero in front of his servant of his personal needs and personal representation of the individual." Few Numbers, after he read all the fully clear.

Still having chili materials, let the sway of the greengrocer, chose a dark purple color half and half. Back to wash good air, hongfei emerald green pepper overlap together dance, see far away, is enchanted alexander hera pre wedding

Pass by a shop that sells dried fruit, nephew said, aunt buy some peanuts and go home, let father drink little wine tonight. Peanuts with small wine, pickle under clear congee, think of love to drink two small wine grandpa, dad, now the eldest brother, flavors of loyalty, homely taste of genetic become memories.

Are not familiar with domestic, occasionally for routine production. Yes, wait for a period of time, and busy make sausage, pickled plum, sun dried turnip, and a few places such as the fermented chilli. If it is fine tomorrow, in the home of the bedding, cold winter night family can embrace the sunshine aftertaste keypad to fall asleep.

lowing out of the spring's

All the year round, natural color plates will pour out different colour and landscape. Spring has flowers Xia Liu cui, dyed golden autumn winter snow. Every season the weather in different levels given to human, the season of composite deck natural landscapeandroid phone.

Grass sprouting in spring, all things recovery, qunfang bloom, flowers surrounded. With winter brewing and fermentation, lost the beauty and moving round dance. Spring wind swings, faintly glowed green and purple is gorgeous, as the song dynasty, ouyang xiu in the "spring west lake send method of xie cao song in praise of" snow away outside the mountains green, the flower hair river February shine ". Suppressed a winter or hatred, be amorous spring breeze lifted the longing for love, BoLu rush flowers. Caper of filar silk best early in the spring rain embellish, flowing out of the spring's first line of landscape, just as don "Yin rain embellish as crisp" of han yu wen wan Outsourcing payroll.

Herbs fresh after the rain, primroses, birdsong troat, early spring tides occur to call. Spring, is a vibrant, the season of sowing hope, oneself vegetation, poplar and willows, nature Zhang Qi infinite life tension. Spring tides occur when will recede, shanshan into early summer season. Spring and summer of the link is a very emotional scenery. Her attachment to the breath of spring, bloated with the charm of spring, open the critical temperature of the lip to kiss in the early summer warmth. In this spring and summer critical landscape release the feelings, the spring in the scenery of this critical, showing the audience of spring, more pleasant flavour.

Southern dynasty poet xie lingyun in swim ChiShi sails into the sea "poetry has regrets coming out of the critical state of" the first summer of whites, herbs or break." As the spring, in summer, and deduces a dense green. Summer rain, the movie contains green, flowers are still more. The rise of temperature of the natural, push the spring feelings accumulation in the summer heat. Release the classical lotus. Beautiful summer night is a chorus song morning is a chord in nature ADHD Treatment.

Until eight laurel flowers, summer filled with plentiful rain and dew, fill a cavity with hot autumn mature marriage. Flowing green frames into early dyed yellow, attached to each other, said goodbye, flowers drunk tea end, drunk in the neck. Or the exquisite sense the heat of summer, with something of a romantic setting in the summer and the critical view.

The dew is cold and hot of communion. At the turn of the summer and fall, early dawn dew, and the more obvious the critical temples to the beauty of the wind Huan scenery in the mist. Under the moist dew, strip away the mature trunks, faded green summer, golden exposed early autumn. Cixin qiu - yun deduce fruitful beauty.

Autumn, is the golden season all the year round. She accept taken the longing for love and Xia Yun road landscape and colors, and conjure up a colorful autumn, fan zhongyan's good a "blue skies, yellow leaves, autumn even wave, the wave on the cold smoke cui". Autumn with mature charm, implicative her charm and profound.

The critical fall and winter, fuzzy and hazy, autumn frost, not determination made in the future. Slang a cloud "" spring in October that is qiu dong the transition temperature of the landscape. Autumn while mature, but she sometimes by Indian summer temperature, out of the sun is basked in season sell MOE. Cotton rose arm lanqiu chrysanthemum momaihanqing bursting loving face, bath without the landscape in the autumn frost.

Tang li shangyin "frost monthly" "green female moths all cold tolerance, cream, in the middle of the bucket in the chan." A poem wrote frost critical enshrouded. Cream leaves green female god, moths, dou qiao in cold months cold cream, all exhibit good enshrouded and pure. So visible, dew and frost dou qiao is critical in qiu dong leng yan beauty. After the frost, pale blue grass color, yellow, red maple, despite how much come into my autumn, also have a wisp of feelings, as the song dynasty, su shi, "the word magnolia reduction" in the "spring water string cream into the dial" plaint, song · length in the USES of the word has a shrine YinChu "heartless," late autumn frost sleet qiu dong the critical temperature, if encounter hazy amorous mist at night to kiss, will let the withered grass, regain enshrouded, with glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, nectar broken jade of rime. This is qiu dong critical leng yan and leaves.

Throughout the year, the year change, chunlan, summer lotus, qiu ju, DongMei four intellectual angel season, will be adhering to the providence mission, scheduled, sometimes they also and kin sister walking in critical seasonal, expand their endurance and toughness of life, left the beauty in the critical time and space.

it accompanied me through

"The reed weng, sichuan ze bear Pi" (chang). "Reed flowers, fisherman's song a song long" (author). "Reed and rain, Ji fragrant lotus around the lamp" (jia dao). The night breeze "single heavy autumn dew, reed" (Xu Hun). "Reed wind, the autumn river scales" (liu yuxi). The intention of the poets in the tang dynasty's photo, most is lonely and melancholy. I don't have the ancients autumn rain night pondering the sentimental. I like the photo because it accompanied me through the bitter youth years. Gave me comfort, more is to give me warm Singapore business formation.

In the seventy s, I teach in a village school, the school doesn't even have electricity, life office condition is very poor, we teachers personal living condition even worse. "Sweet potato soup, sweet potato, sweet potato pancake coil egg sauce, three meals a day to eat sweet potato, leave sweet potato can't do", eating problems are not solved, the problem of wear all too clear. Severe winter air leakage around office place, sometimes outside into the wind blew out the kerosene lamp.

Still say, that the feet can't stand it. There s, double "liberation shoe wear is good, which come of cotton shoes. This "" permeability is poor. When young, a feet sweat. Shoes wet during the day, night sitting in office doors and Windows walls inside the drafty, foot pain and hemp cold and crisp and itching. Really can not stand, he got up a jump jump jump, can just sit down for a moment, foot pain. Lie down and hind feet warm in bed one night. There was a feeling that I do not know such days also can insist on how long alexander hera pre wedding?

Once saw to the fair, sell "alveolus son" (reed flowers woven straw sandals, when the rural elderly old man winter like foot was squatting on smoking chit-chat in the sunshine, but wearing alveolus activity is not very convenient.) Office wear a brainwave, buy a pair of night. You don't say, this alveolus son really ready, your feet arch inside, warm, very comfortable. Foot is no longer a painful feeling. Can come again a few days through the alveolus subproblems, the alveolus shoes mouth very rough, socks worn out easily, and in the "new three years, three years old, patchwork and three years' hard days, frayed socks will heartache for a few days. Simply office at night barefoot through alveolus. Originally foot frostbite, alveolus and the feet are worn out. It should be the mencius that sentence "do not have your cake and eat it rack."

One morning, a middle-aged sister-in-law to ask for leave for children, to see my bare feet wearing alveolus, secretly laughing, I also feel a little embarrassed. From school in the afternoon, the eldest sister-in-law came again, needle in hand and a few pieces of cloth. And smiling said, "see you in the morning light in alveolus, will know that you don't know, not like you wear alveolus. With a cloth to wrap the alveolus son XieLian, not grinding feet just the way they are." Said, let me find the alveolus, careful to alveolus BaoQiBian to children. When the alveolus wrapped edge son handed me, her brilliant smile, deeply in my mind. As the decades passed, still clear as yesterday.