New Year is already very goo

Do not know to have people have such idea, when we have quarrels with their parents as a child some discord, we would feel that their loved ones are opposed to their own, like an enemy; For some of it was noisy, at that time we still small, don't know care, parents objected to by in rebellious we deeply hurt his parents. After marriage, we have our home, especially as a daughter, marry into a strange home, some marry more far, parents want to meet a difficult, and their marriage will work to earn money; Relationship with their parents more and more far, more and more strange, can look over the New Year is already very good Medicox.

Women a grief, his own parents filial piety; Can stand in the Angle of the objective to see, will find that the woman is really very silly, to a so-called promises made, in order to a men do cattle and horses, and to men of settling with his parents, lucky can meet a good mother-in-law, bad luck full belly injustice, men have also ignored; Their biological parents? Only in the cold hungry when I think of, only after a bitter hurt will remind of, only when hurt can think of.

For men: if a woman can marry with you, please be sure to encourage her to go home often parents, a good filial piety; As a man, a pair of old man to be able to choose to believe you entrust you put the apple of his eye, whether out of the trust or the relatives should be better than you of the woman of her parents; A grateful man, the woman at any time won't leave you Medicox.

I often say a word: marry a good woman is a treasure, marry is not good at most is a tool. Love, affection, some good things always mixed with some surprise factors; A lot of people before the marriage relationship is like a good person, but after getting married no matter positioned, spat, even if a misunderstanding don't even want to explain a word; Indifferent to think is the greatest harm to the person who love you. When one day you want to if we have changed, when one day you ask myself, when he really loved me; When one day, when you are lost in the suffering in pain, you will not be thought: I married the husband is don't love me.

Two sad woman, married to the husband does not love you; Flower is the nature of man, but for some reason men marry is not necessarily to lead my life with you, take you as my wife. In some circumstances, by the parents, or to own a certain purpose, men choose to marry you, is likely to pass, is likely to be in order to desire, is likely to be for the sake of your looks... Rarely get married after marriage than before more good to you, remember to read a little story; Friends asked why a man, get married before good to your wife, marriage is still the better for her? Man answered, before marriage and after her people is more, I have only good enough for her to get her, she pursued her lost after the marriage, I only for her better can make up for her lost love. For such a woman will be moved, but we ignore one thing: who is the words that would say, but not necessarily everyone to do it WIOM

For men: if a woman can marry you, no matter what is the purpose of you before, to what just get married; But you know, she is a man who wants to grow old with you in the future, she is a hard-working you to pay for the people, she is a family for you continue the family, she is a day by night to sleep with you. Maybe she has faults is inferior to others, as long as you give up, you will never find a person to replace her, that's your loss, is you a lifetime of regret.

After marriage, two people feel not choose divorce; Although divorce is not good, but for two people suffering together is a good way to solve, but a lot of people just get married to the child, if a divorce, children who belong to? Some women in order to get rid of the pain that I chose a divorce, marriage leave children or take a child; No matter how it is bad for children, because he is not without mom, dad is less a dysfunctional family on children caused by the shadow is very big.

Women three sadness, their children away from the acacia; After the divorce, although it is out of the pain, but also into another pain, that is, the child eager. Palm of the hand are meat, no matter the child with the who, another person's heart is can not let go. Between husband and wife are incompatible, because can't tolerance, tolerance, understanding; In order to home, parents or children for the future, should the tolerance of each other.

For men: women than men toil to hard life many maybe you feel for a home work tired than women in the outside, but you know, women not only bears the body is tired and bitter tired on the heart and soul; Since can't women bear for you, go to make up for the understanding.

For women, if has experienced the three sadness, she is the most failed, is also one of the most successful (because failure is the greatest success, only experienced the most complete failure will win the biggest success). If men can meet such a woman, please don't ask her in the past, so long as the heart of love her; They will not easily to love a person, but if they are able to love again, is not only a man who knows how to filial piety daughter-in-law and would be a good wife, is also a loving mother.