the President of Zuffa

The Gracie's invented this style of Martial Arts in Brazil, and eventually brought it over to the States to gain popularity here, and it did indeed! The only rules in these fights were no eye-gouging and no biting, but other than that anything goes! This idea included head butts and groin kicks or punches.

The event became very popular as people were drawn to the violence. This sport was becoming more and more popular, with young and old, even women were getting into this sport. There was someone who was not so much a fan though, Senator John McCain. McCain along with many other Politicians denounced the sport for its brutal nature. Senator John McCain was so adamant about banning the UFC he was successful in making it illegal in all but 3 states.

McCain, who is known for having large connections in boxing, also had it removed from about 90% of pay-per-views and cable channels, even the underground Indie channels. UFC was heading down a long and spiral road towards the toilet.

In Japan though, people were busy building up Pride Fighting Championship. Pride fights were generally fought in a traditional ring with a few different rules than UFC. Around 2001, the UFC was happily bought by the "Zuffa Organization" owned by Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, who had plenty of money and connections to back this sport financially.

Dana White is the President of Zuffa. White somehow managed to bring UFC back to it's rightful viewers with minimal punches. He had the sport sanctioned in most states, even the one's McCain had it banned from.