in the right direction

I wish I could say that the last three months have been a breeze. I wish I could say that. The truth is that they’ve sucked. It hasn’t been all bad, of course, but I don’t think you could pay me to relive them. I don’t mean that to sound like a complete Debbie-downer moment…the flip side of that coin is that I’m really, truly excited about what the next chapter holds! Aside from the Algebra class, all of my classes for the fall term are things directly relating to what I want to do! Biology, nutrition and a double dose of psychology!

And even the Algebra class is a little exciting; I’m starting to feel like I’m grasping the concepts in the current math class, which leaves me optimistic for the next. Also? I love autumn. I have a night in a North Florida hotel room already booked for September and I’m hoping to get to see the leaves in all their colorful glory. I love those rare days where it isn’t humid here and we get a wonderful breeze whipping through our hair. I love seeing all the kids get dressed up for Halloween. I love Thanksgiving. I love pumpkins and mums. (Mums! Sean! Mums! LOL Wedding flowers!!

That would be AWESOME!) I wait until well into December to put Christmas decorations up because I want to milk every minute possible out of the autumn ones. I love the way the sun hits the earth at that time of year; the golden sunlight that only happens then. I love that it’s dark before 8pm. I love all of it!

And I can’t think of a better way to end 21 days of grateful blogging. Truth: the last three weeks haven’t been perfect, but I think it’s helped. I definitely seem to be more resilient when something does come up that upsets me or otherwise throws me for a loop. We can’t expect to be happy 24/7, but being able to pick up the pieces within a few hours rather than days is definitely a step in the right direction.