The title - Stone Age

Vampires, and werewolves, describe both the seductive power of sexuality and the monstrous way we have been taught to perceive it g-suite cardinal manchester. Mermaids similarly play on lust - in this case, the lust of sailors at sea, desperate to find women. Mermaids are beautiful but forever inaccessible and unknowable, a living metaphor for the feminine mystique.

Ogres are my favorite demi-human transformation. In Shrek, Princess Fiona becomes an Ogre as a way of teaching a lesson about beauty, love and acceptance.

Some demi-human stories utilize do not have an explicit transformation scene g-suite in oldham. For example, the story "Cindi" relies on the character (and the audience) realizing the true nature of the demi-human rather than actually showing them changing.

In the Demi-Human section of my stories, you'll find two demi-human tales: one about ogres and the other about mermaids. I'm going to be adding another ogre-related story soon, the result of a very long and detailed story swap. It's been the product of many months of work.

In the meantime, here is a short story that I recently finished. It contains some transformation elements but they are not the focus cardinal manchester. I wrote it for a prompt that read only "love between rocks." The title - Stone Age.