the adventure and yesterday evening have been quite the adventure...

Last night I went to what is called Break-Fast. It literally means to break a fast. It is a men's retreat in which we camp out at the Zigler's, fast for dinner and are in soliude all night until the morning. So from 7:30 pm until 9:30am we were all quiet as a mouse. No one talked. It was a hard thing to do. Very hard toughest phone case.

I just like talking and socializing way too much. But overall it was a lot of fun and the Lord showed me how weak I was and how much I needed him. It was a humbling experience. Afterwards I had about a 2 hour break until I had to go lead setup. I had Laura, Sarah, and Kyle helping me and it went really well. They were a big help. After they left Al showed me how to set up the lights/dvd/computer/projector, which hopefully I will have down for next time. While finishing up I heard the band members play "For Thou O'Lord" which is one of my favorite songs waterproof phone case.

So I stayed for that and then left and had dinner in the cafeteria. Nothing that good at all. Then I helped Laura greet for SNG as per our deal. Chris spoke at SNG which was good I really enjoyed hearing him talk about the Psalms which I had read a little of this morning.