always rises quietly

Life say goodbye forever, goodbye from beginning to end, you have gradually is scar, at the time of falling back, that day we meet in the street, to say to each other and smile, and then waved goodbye, turned behind has tears streaming down her face cloud backup.
Players often lay in this song, when I think of some fragments, this song will ring. Because I felt less regret, in the following landscape away every time in intermittent clear and fuzzy.
Tears of face, when the sun goes down to the west, at the crossroads of some necessary always inadvertently reveal the pain, the thought of carrying you through my daily only some of the road, tell you my present situation, is I a person talking all the way, are you listening to. Drifted off, and be like a dream, I woke, and found that there are only sporadic in hand is worth memories. The sporadic memory lets people often think, because it makes the footprint of the time stay in ten years ago, foolish boy.
Also remember in a cold winter night, and a couple of friends around the stove, so quiet time, another pot of hot tea, cooked a pot of tea for the glass after glass of, we talking about some topic of life, everyone's face are written out inclusion in this years could not hide the tiredness, to Lin, who is not hiding anything! Maybe yes, who and who lives, really are hiding, hiding oneself mood, hiding his joy and sorrow. Seem to live no matter how to choose is wrong. Since then contacted a common friend of him 15 years, the phone in the long run, to greet, today also catch up meet Spring Festival tea only left in a hurry.
Nostalgia is a very warm words. , warm warm afternoon tea room, relative and huan, toasts, because only each other warm people have chance to sit down and catch up a cup of tea, chat all sing with the past, to move forward at the next corner. We often play multiple roles in numerous and complicated world, enchanting may calm.
One winter morning, don't send you to the station, set a bowl of beef noodles, you are about to go to the top of the lushan mountain snow did not melt. Lushan winter what impressed me most is the Christmas that year, with the snow, and two girlfriends braved the wind and snow climb bawcock slope, after photographs resort to a brighter, now must be rescheduled for a date, when young we, how have the courage to have the courage, snow is more and more big, all the way to the top of the hill is so BingGua to meet us, with his feet all the way to write down many imprinting, now want to those who write the word on the snow is shy but precious.. Snow imprinting are paving again, know that worry only earth. That day I sat in the photographs resort far see vast poyang lake water in text messages to ask: can you guess where am I? Back: not in poyang lake in lushan. Since then more than a guess, is such a coincidence. Return the car that night to hear the love is love, that is 12 years ago on Christmas, a chain of winter ice and snow zones, deeply seared into memory, never ambiguous. Then miss of photographs resort, every look up at the hill of the silent, mountains and rivers, over, over the years of growth rings, always rises quietly 白话佛法.