I finish

Spoke to her, after I finish listen to only hint of a smile, and then said: "we are all ok." That girl in my eyes can't read any resentment or jealous, if any, is also a full blessing, she knew she didn't get their purpose, just going to speak, at the moment, I don't know how, some words want to say: "there are some things, we all can't change, I am a great mathematician, I firmly believe that benefit maximization, so I don't want to, not willing to, will own beautiful youth to compensate those bad things in the past, there are some things you don't have to say, little is my good friend, can't change dating."
Said the words out, my heart suddenly becomes easy, forgive me, those who can't treat your tender years, gave her a dose of tolerance, also give yourself a release. So, can't change, just happy to accept, don't do it for eyes, remember in heart became cold.
Later heard that little better gradually, my heart will follow happy, that year New Year's day, I received a greeting card, is sent to the little one-inch, those words are ragged little cute little baby, at that moment, I feel very satisfied, and I also smart war, we were really good guan yin citta dharma door.