because I care about

The moment when the exam was over, I know today is real and calculus to say goodbye... I also know that many students if you don't choose the relevant test later, I think this whole life will not contact the... I don't know how to face, maybe I was too seriously is too heavy, maybe don't hang is a pursuit of many students have been but for me, I didn't think so. On the one hand, I hope that their efforts to the excellent grades stay, live up to his once fixation; On the other hand I want for you I really good, really don't want to disappoint you, because I care about alexander hera pre wedding...

Perhaps I am too confident, I know I lost after all... Test, I know I do is bad, my mood fell to the bottom, I am not worried about I will hang, but worry about when you see me that piece of paper, is a kind of what kind of mood, I know you will have no speech with rightness, may be disappointed. Because I know in your heart I have always been a very good classmate (at least in the subject), the examination before I went back to the love to the river, I thought: if a person with too much hope and expectation, the greater the disappointment will be then? I'm really not clear alexander hera pre wedding...

Xue, I really very sad today, suddenly don't know what to say, this year so fast, brought me not only grow, and don't give up and miss. Many students don't have to learn calculus after all say very happy, and I was so inexplicable sadness, means that rarely seen some miss guy, remember that you said, don't be sad, can often meet at school, but in fact, I know, in addition to encounter, it is hard to see a face.

When I submit the that moment, I know for half a year is expressed in simple figures, bearing is full of hope and persistence. We know a year, but it seldom communication, maybe it related to my personality... But in my heart, for you, very not give up, I admit that most of the time because of you, I just more efforts, because they don't want to let you down. The answer I don't do well today, very self-reproach, more is I know this may let you down alexander hera.

I'm sorry, I really let you down... Before you tell me, do you like my pure, independence, quiet, transparent, and even me a certain look in class. When I know, I have already made up his mind to, no matter what, I try my best to do better... But you know, today I lost, very sad, I cry, very afflictive...... Wouldn't you say so I really useless ah? I began to doubt... I didn't realize that in the last game, I hurt, let me unbearable alexander hera pre wedding...