give strength to heart

Zen method of life, is that those who have trouble, stop copying and circulation in the path of life, the lost pessimistic negative emotions is not surprising that includes all the sadness in life, all forgive and release to make up their own, can let life to good, moreover is beyond the worry, learn to take care of yourself, give strength to heart Bordeaux Wine.

And around the world to get along with, sighs and avoidance, cannot solve the problem, his jealous, sad and lost not damage to life, optimistic, some understand, those bad feelings can be classified as don't want you don't like the life experiences, of course he is not a victim, to draw lessons from these experiences, the inner standard, let the life become positive and happy, rather than a failure Polyu faculty of business.

Life of the pain, can't understand for it is the injury of life, like life, is not having the same suffering, the hardships of life may be in the journey of life belief of life. The pain of life is a reminder that no matter how hard we're confronted with adversity, even if we need some time to heal, please believe, the four seasons have flowers, feet and stand up.

The road of life, the pain of those, only one after another of life education, is part of life, but not ruled that all life after all, life is to grow and change of the intersection, or thinking mode, how to live life, be willing to accept, is willing to forgive, is willing to improve, willing to patience singapore business formation.

Zen method of life, is to adjust their mentality, to expand the width of the heart, to initiate an inquiry to life, what you need, or what you are worried.

Life is not get lost in the worry, but carries a responsibility to temper themselves, that is we usually say the troubles is bodhi, about life, is to heal the heart blundering, restore calm mentality, the courthouse flowers bloom, clouds scud across space baby bed.