Marry to love yourself

Love is great, it can let a person become tenacious vitality, can let a person become motivated, but not about our physical alexander hera wedding.

For single person is always in the claim, to find a love oneself of man; Some people, endure the lonely, lonely; Some learned to fall, in order to a had never met, torment the oneself do not know when can we meet each other in person, you cherish yourself? To be with someone who doesn't love you even if in your side will leave, how can cherish you fall? Love you don't have the heart to nature you torture yourself, why you abandon? When you see a person desperate you would think he was poor, and even look down on him, will never fall in love with him; so For those who do not love is no one to love, in other words, both men and women, you want someone to love you to love yourself first. Marry to love yourself before someone will love, married you love his marriage to longer alexander hera wedding.

We always like to say how to do a meaningful thing, how many dreams to be done, what vows of eternal love the end of time, love his a few born several hundreds of years, but, do you have any capital? Today's young people more crazy than previous generations, this flaw that habit, a decade or two years, and he even really give you a good marriage, you also don't necessarily have the good fortune to enjoy.

We all think swathes of the world is happy, happy is not happy will buy a lot of snacks, eat; Cut not live a life of a pig, some food factory in order to improve the production, in order to attract customers, add some additive is bad for the body; Good is not necessarily a healthy, media reports have never sleeps because eat fatal news all over the country. Some people, smoking, drinking, stay up late, unlimited indulge myself. Damage is yourself, also hurt the side relatives and friends. Even if every day, because these people who died, still can't give us any alert; Always give yourself to find thousands of excuses, never want to give oneself to find an excuse to form a good habit. Human greatness is not because he can talk, but they have ideas, ideas have self-control alexander hera pre wedding.

Keeping in good health, the normal life of people in the one hundred and fifty s, at around one hundred and seventy-five, low in the one hundred and twenty s (feel very bullshit data, but it is true). Preserve one's health is also eat and maintenance, do not eat much good, want to eat healthy; Not necessarily good, big fish big meat should be suitable for the check. When it comes to maintenance, will find maintenance need money; His life was not good, just to maintain. Maintenance is not let you spend how many money to buy cosmetics, pay attention to the small details of life can be done. To say the least, money is negotiable, youth is priceless; If can have a price in gold or silver of youth is a bargain. So, we will see some people to own youth to spend high price to buy cosmetics, although a luxury, but also love their performance.

Death, maybe everyone has to face; If you die young, their parents will heartache? Hello don't easy to find love is to be apart of Yin and Yang; Even in the kingdom of heaven, you see the person you love, on the bed with someone for life. For illness, death may be a relief, at least not every day to the medicine, into a point. Current society, even a rich, there are a few million, if ill will ruin.

The body is their own, health is priceless; Without them, even if you get more, want more, is a dream, a pain; Each of us should love yourself, cherish yourself; No matter what, all want to healthy living, because it is the capital. Woman/man, do you love yourself?