Catching you back

I know, I Thinking again you! Write this text, perhaps to wait, perhaps the memory of something, or maybe just casually write about it! Poem take advantage of Love, live for today, others say youth should be so, but in reality we found did not imagine so chic Royal Romance.

Gradually, found that he was not in words to express your mood. Perhaps the time is forgotten, ever wanted hard in pursuit, but it is inadvertently suddenly become dejected.

Passage, a song, but it is the mind gets dusty memories, memories are bursts every heartache, that you can give up those memories forever Buried heart, no longer think, at the moment only wanted to understand the original naive.

Difficult to sleep every night habitually recalled once bit by bit, sometimes moving, sometimes heartbreaking, there Shique panic, fear. Afraid of waiting, the fear of losing.

Often pondering heart in hand, pondering the dream of happiness. A not long nor short wait, I said I will wait for you, but fear of torture to wait Royal Romance.

Every waking up, but found that happiness exists only in a dream. That day, I watched you disappear in my sight, that kind of pain, who can understand?

You always like to see enough information sent thousands of times, like pondering every word you said before, the recollection of your every expression. Only to find that he was alive in the memories Royal Romance

Was ideal, but now they are afraid to face. At the moment is somewhat at a loss, and even doubt yourself. Sometimes calm down and think, they would understand such a rush to make you and I feel uneasy, unwilling to face.

Hate love him, but can not give what you want, that relationship can only make temporary burial, if later destined, upon graduation, I was chasing you back.