breeze blowing, chill hit

After dinner, sitting in the window, watching the sunset, afterglow asperses full whole out of the window, the leaves like the golden yellow butterflies, the fly in the air. This is the autumn scenery, beautiful autumn scenery, I don't want to miss, don't want to just see as a small window alexander hera pre wedding.

Went downstairs, stroll in the leaves with trail, breeze blowing, chill hit, more like shutter swept gently, the leaves and flying over and over again.

Suddenly remind of a word "falling leaf is the tree of the abandoned or the pursuit of the wind?" Maybe only Ye Cai know.

Just a little sad, a little leaf, the bud in branch rod through the cold season, it is destined to be abandoned in the fall, no matter how high began to grow on the branches, will ultimately wither under the power of the season, and the tree is green can bring life to it.

Tree heartless? Or is it in order to save his own life, but at least they gave in the choice alexander hera pre wedding.

Can really only leaves fall after all? And the wind!

So that leaves only struggling in the wind, wandering, aimless, parked only the wind is the home to return to it, or maybe can be pass by, because there is a gust of wind.

Just leaves fell to the afterglow of the sunset is really beautiful. Wounded autumn may simply it is faded and fallen, in addition to a little sad, I still like to see the fallen leaves on the ground, even though I don't know what love is it a magnificently or its frigid and set.

Walking slowly, just like leaves aimlessly, held out his hand, quietly behind the palm leaves, quietly without movement, a wind blowing, it is in the palm of my swing gently, like a sleeping child, take my hand as wrong cradle. I like this from the wind under its fate, although my hand is not it roots in the face autism treatment.

Look at the trees on both sides, I turned the palm, since can't find belongs to the root of it, let it go on floating. Let the wind bring to find home to return to it. Just don't know whether I will also like the fallen leaves, in the way forward, with the wind by another hand hook, and then released.

Morning righteousness "compared with the flower, leaf is lonely thing in the world", and I love is a lonely man, want to partner with leaves. The sunset slowly spilled all last afterglow, such as this one season in late autumn, all the leaves will eventually into ice in cold winter.