it accompanied me through

"The reed weng, sichuan ze bear Pi" (chang). "Reed flowers, fisherman's song a song long" (author). "Reed and rain, Ji fragrant lotus around the lamp" (jia dao). The night breeze "single heavy autumn dew, reed" (Xu Hun). "Reed wind, the autumn river scales" (liu yuxi). The intention of the poets in the tang dynasty's photo, most is lonely and melancholy. I don't have the ancients autumn rain night pondering the sentimental. I like the photo because it accompanied me through the bitter youth years. Gave me comfort, more is to give me warm Singapore business formation.

In the seventy s, I teach in a village school, the school doesn't even have electricity, life office condition is very poor, we teachers personal living condition even worse. "Sweet potato soup, sweet potato, sweet potato pancake coil egg sauce, three meals a day to eat sweet potato, leave sweet potato can't do", eating problems are not solved, the problem of wear all too clear. Severe winter air leakage around office place, sometimes outside into the wind blew out the kerosene lamp.

Still say, that the feet can't stand it. There s, double "liberation shoe wear is good, which come of cotton shoes. This "" permeability is poor. When young, a feet sweat. Shoes wet during the day, night sitting in office doors and Windows walls inside the drafty, foot pain and hemp cold and crisp and itching. Really can not stand, he got up a jump jump jump, can just sit down for a moment, foot pain. Lie down and hind feet warm in bed one night. There was a feeling that I do not know such days also can insist on how long alexander hera pre wedding?

Once saw to the fair, sell "alveolus son" (reed flowers woven straw sandals, when the rural elderly old man winter like foot was squatting on smoking chit-chat in the sunshine, but wearing alveolus activity is not very convenient.) Office wear a brainwave, buy a pair of night. You don't say, this alveolus son really ready, your feet arch inside, warm, very comfortable. Foot is no longer a painful feeling. Can come again a few days through the alveolus subproblems, the alveolus shoes mouth very rough, socks worn out easily, and in the "new three years, three years old, patchwork and three years' hard days, frayed socks will heartache for a few days. Simply office at night barefoot through alveolus. Originally foot frostbite, alveolus and the feet are worn out. It should be the mencius that sentence "do not have your cake and eat it rack."

One morning, a middle-aged sister-in-law to ask for leave for children, to see my bare feet wearing alveolus, secretly laughing, I also feel a little embarrassed. From school in the afternoon, the eldest sister-in-law came again, needle in hand and a few pieces of cloth. And smiling said, "see you in the morning light in alveolus, will know that you don't know, not like you wear alveolus. With a cloth to wrap the alveolus son XieLian, not grinding feet just the way they are." Said, let me find the alveolus, careful to alveolus BaoQiBian to children. When the alveolus wrapped edge son handed me, her brilliant smile, deeply in my mind. As the decades passed, still clear as yesterday.