no shortage of fans

Some time ago, learn to do the second bottle of chop bell pepper, the taste is not too hot is not spicy. May be associated with my material, because they don't know what kind of chili is hot, which is not hot. At random, as well to complete the first chop bell pepper, well, family naturally don't abandon, according to receiving order wifi.

Today the sun finally viewed, swept away many days of cold. The meeting was in huan - in front of house of sweet osmanthus every morning to see ground petty pleasures the fallen petal, white branches is broken, and be broken, open while away, was not a bit stingy, don't love dearly. The sun hung big enough light, the mood nature of flowers all the way. Good day, the sun on a clear day, osmanthus idle.

Noon break, nephew to the farmer's market and want to do it again chop bell pepper. In fact, I am not around children kitchen full-time housewife. Occasional cooking, cooking is also no shortage of fans.

On Friday, received the school a social survey, about some regular files provided. One column of "position" let a person's hesitation, is to fill the position of social position as a child in the school? Therefore, it is parents phoned to ask me how to fill in, I said I fill in the "mother". Mom, is my life-long job, never laid off. Back home, do the child's mother, do her husband's wife, for women, how much is a fascinating job, I lose myself, I can't from pull out server rack.

Markets put forever tempting first-of-the-season fruits and vegetables, which shuttle linger forever is the fireworks. A bowl of porridge, a soup, vegetables, no junior high and informed there is a family cook small wine red furnace of peace and beauty. Vegetable market, fireworks of the most popular of the depths of the earth, eat drink man woman in this betray oneself, what out-of-touch hermit, to fairy tale to find; Great elegance again again, the problem of food and clothing is the fundamental survival. German philosopher Hegel has an article "the servant's eyes without a hero", the tathagata, "says the proverb," no servant eyes hero. Not because the servant to serve by the man not a hero, but because of who I am waiting on hero that person just servant. When dealing with his servant hero, he is not as a hero, but as a to eat, to drink water, wear clothes. In short, the hero in front of his servant of his personal needs and personal representation of the individual." Few Numbers, after he read all the fully clear.

Still having chili materials, let the sway of the greengrocer, chose a dark purple color half and half. Back to wash good air, hongfei emerald green pepper overlap together dance, see far away, is enchanted alexander hera pre wedding

Pass by a shop that sells dried fruit, nephew said, aunt buy some peanuts and go home, let father drink little wine tonight. Peanuts with small wine, pickle under clear congee, think of love to drink two small wine grandpa, dad, now the eldest brother, flavors of loyalty, homely taste of genetic become memories.

Are not familiar with domestic, occasionally for routine production. Yes, wait for a period of time, and busy make sausage, pickled plum, sun dried turnip, and a few places such as the fermented chilli. If it is fine tomorrow, in the home of the bedding, cold winter night family can embrace the sunshine aftertaste keypad to fall asleep.