the child's ideas on time

This year the lunar September, otherwise to this point in time, the home also prepared for Chinese New Year of pig kill.

Memory, kill pig year my home pretty late
alexander hera wedding.

When I was a child, my sisters and I are going to have a common desire, is to kill every year swine, early so you can eat the meat. But usually between ideal and reality is always opposite, we want to kill pig earlier idea in grandpa and his father thinks that kill the finished early mow, next year the idea of a few months, there is no enough meat to eat, our little desire was forced to go bankrupt. We are quite clear, oneself is a child, the child's ideas on time as a child is as light as the goose feather; Is this, we are still more self-knowledge.

So remember, every year my family to kill swine is always accompanied by a thick cotton-padded jacket, red fire, or a few year snow, light snow, the north wind, sleet, there are times when there is ice on the roof or wall. When we smile often frozen redly, if is a slug, not only around the red, the nose occasionally black; Friends often play ice, water paddy fields will have inside, small hands, frozen purple mouth constantly exhale white mist. Sometimes, people dress up more strange; Melon is MaoEr, or hole in a sweater alexander hera pre wedding.

Memory, every year there is home to a few trees, wintersweet, the more cold, the howl of the north wind, the more in the world of the ground freezing the ostentatious gorgeous.

All say without, would not rainbow had the eyes no tears. My opinion, this is from urinate in verifying the. I walk by the way, is only the ordinary way, I have a day also like you, want to say good only in my own good, to say, that can also be as thin as you, yes, I was an ordinary person, live a dull day, remembering his own wonderful.

I'm not at home now, in dongguan, the weather is relatively good, a pair of pants, without long Johns, shirts, no vests, enough. So the good weather, or my hometown in the north is relatively hard to find in this season, this is because of the geographical differences. So good weather, we are the treasure, so I want to, I need more efforts, actually do something, for yourself and for your familyalexander hera pre wedding.

Yesterday evening, and daughter-in-law to walk on the edge of the dongjiang, I and daughter-in-law said: "calculate carefully, and we in the packaging industry really soon 2 anniversary of the founding of the company."

She said: "do you still come to dongguan for four years."

"Life is so fast, will be 30 next year. By the way, the daughter-in-law, do you think we are together for so many years, I always does not change the habit of living behavior, is there, and if so what is it?"

Daughter-in-law thought for a moment, looked at me and said: "since I meet you, you always insist on doing is all in reading a book."

I carefully wanted to think, so, just sometimes, actually I'm looking at the bad books. Of course, the so-called bad book is consistent with what they do not even without a purpose to see some of the books.

Thinking, I sigh said: "for so many years, so come over, also thanks you accompany me, otherwise, I a person how lonely, lonely. In fact, a lot of times, before eat the bitter, suffered hardships are good wealth for us, just like before when chickens basic no income also continue spending every day, even after input, chickens kept dying, feeling really suffering, then doing packing box of this industry is now feeling much better than it was chicken, at least a month more or less have some income, also of course still in spending every month."

"People are similar, seen more scary, see general scary, no what."

"Well, we can work harder, more careful to do more of what we think is a difficult thing. Once, twice, three times, four times, five times... as long as constantly tell myself again, and again, really countless times again, uninterrupted, not afraid, I think we always have a chance."