it was the shadow of the wave

A clear nasty gash on the thin curtain yarn, the spread slowly, and lost in the night in the night. Night in spreading, is the heart of darkness, or pure heart. Night night shadow, was like peas and carrots. The leaves fell into the water, watching the shadow of the tree. Fall, fall, it has lost the most pure shadow. An eye kept staring at night, maybe it was the shadow of the wave WIOM

One eye glance at constant healing wounds, and reciprocating cutting. The circular arc of the twists and turns, illuminated the ink line in hesitated, fantasy, also calm the notes of the past. Leaf roll in the night sky, is not reflected shadow, grasp it out of the water, and put back into the water. Tune every half a meter die ten notes, no impurity, also with rage. Swimming with hesitation, the intersection of two beams of light atresia with stain which one. Thinking, it is aimless, only to shining gold. No purple halo, somehow absorb the aura of color; No sight of discarded, and the dead and lucidity. Shadow is the shadow.

Missed the waves, and then staring at the waves, the eyes become mindless, but brilliant. That's how enjoyable! The meaning of memories or overflow is not pure. Liberation, is no longer struggle, the phantom as smoke around there is no holding the hand of the cigarette. Maybe night is part of the blue, it is just a pronoun. The shadow of the water in the night under the extrusion of formed the shadows of the night. Chalk line regression of the sun rose out of the place, also found the ownership of the light Medicox.

All seeped appeared, only the shadow, the image of night watchman to chase and chase, residual strength never falling, but silently through the water. Reviewed, eyes Ming Ming lost its luster, shadows appear in the former, is to rely on. Is the light of the night in the mirror Medicox