Funk, reggae, electronics

You won't be able to define the style of his: chansons, jazz, rock Medicox,

Funk, reggae, electronics, new wave, the adult age...

You won't be able to define his career: singer, song writer,

Actor, director, painter, poet, big pipe, alcoholic,

Romantic, women are the best lover;

Ugly like a turtle "cabbage head"...

You can't take hold of his grade Medicox:

"All my life I only love three things:

Gitanes cigarette, wine and women. "

You probably never heard of that song

- men and women singing, with a groan and breathing,

But don't let a person feel very cute or artificial...

Simple words, the expression of repeated, just the right amount of * *,

True love never is so natural, sincere and enjoy...

As the silent night, let Jane birkin the lower back Medicox,

Sweet, tender feelings and the sound of tinged with melancholy and fantasy,

Blurred through trance music, through the thin clouds and moonlight,

Over the baptism of filar silk tender and moist, sprinkle with a serenity sweet beauty.

Lovely and temptation, sweet, sexy, intoxicated, languid is lazy,

This kind of emotional appeal can let you in full without pressure,

Completely lost in love and sorrow time: lamp shades, beauty, do, deep and remote blue,

Only died in low ode in the wind, let a person into a trance and vague for a time.

It is like a drug, slowly seep into the heart, that moved that touches your soul...

Again the beautiful words in the world, also cannot express, let ear into the beautiful...