Also can see these people?

A misty rain, heart clear sky. Holes, the in the mind can be a full moon. No regrets in life, is a kind of state. Learn to give up, is a kind of self-cultivation. True, in this world is a virtue. Very easygoing, all along with the gender, all with him. A apprehensively, heart light. Aficionado of month Medicox, alone on the top. Song of love, hate, mouth and heart does not move; See, see her body and meaning does not move. Cloud comfortable, is it no one; Water heartless, because it along with the gender fate. Love will gather, go away, all good things must come to an end. Today is to meet next time, life is but a chasing again and again to the banquet, eat after the meal, don't know and where the next meal, will be and who together. True happiness is: good to eat a meal again, enjoy the present moment is king! Tube he fruity ugly beauty, happy to eat is the truth, who can guarantee that we will also have to the next meal? Also can see these people Medicox?

Walking in the rain, comfortable life. And no rain also no sorrow, nor hate nor smoke. Because this piece of zen, illuminating the sky, the day the earth FeiSa is a piece of sunshine Medicox, wind and rain is just another illusion of sunshine, alternative.