heart wanders and loneliness.

Mention pen, my mind still docked in the first memory, where there is life, the blue sky white clouds, have a small bridge flowing water, lotus bloom shame capacity, have built in dicui, where the wind took remarkable, but now, all attributed to misty rain, fuzzy is blurred, wandering heart, heart wanders and loneliness.


Love, always a romantic words, so let's surge of emotion surge, nuskin hong kong and even lost myself, but most of the time, with the beginning of the romantic, but give us only tea end the beautiful, short and bitter as a result, no matter how much you are a rational person, once the trouble with love, you will become a fool, is willing to love in the wall, touching the wall, don't regret the glance of stirring. When someone you love, because you are a small fault, and refuse to give up your feelings, please don't sad, because you don't love, or love you is not guaranteed, you sad, will only let him see you incompetent, to show the charm of his own. True love a person, will forgive all his faults, love how many? Have how many forgive? Cherish the treasure you, forgive you.

As time goes by, the wasted years, heaven and earth leisurely. Life is like water, and difficult to accept. From the vegetation, flowers bloom, through alternate, rest day last month, circulation after beginning. As life goes on, is as a result, is inevitable, only want to cherish the days alive, cherish together of the day, two people who love each other, marriage is not the goal, the real sense of love, is in the limited life, let love be colour, let love infinite extends into the soul of each other.

Through life scenery, LanGuo years China, how many people, deep condensate at each other suddenly disappear, how many love, because I can't keep the, out of the line of sight of each other, in a moment, the man still smoke condensation in your heart, originally a lot of people, a lot of affection, walked out of the line of sight of you, will never go out of your heart and eyes can deceive you, heart will not lie to you, after all we still need to learn to strong face. Each one of us, eventually want to learn to see light some things to yourself and to be natural and unrestrained yourself, enjoy life give colorful and magnificent.

Look, the wind is calm, who is in the Murray tactfully time, to listen to, the moon has twittering, who blow the moss decayed to the night. Holding a light QingJian edge, donative time smile, emotions and thoughts, bypass the fingertips, retaining the entity is tender, singing in the middle of the xin ink, revealing the light, tian tian weak light.

People live, to live a blessed are cheerful self, not depressed burnout to step into your life this way, just like I love you, I love you, but I know more to love myself well, I can be with the breath of life the breath of love, I should love myself, so I can live happy, only to have the opportunity to produce the love you, nu skin at this point, your heart must be filled with my eye pupil, because I also want to know, in your broad mind whether there is a seat in my heaven and earth?

No matter what time, this road walk in love woman is the most hard for the most part, just like we often see a network catchword: a man will forget the old love, because of new women will because miss old love new love more. Will, of course, also have individual men and women don't like the emotion of the sentence, but such a person, really too little. So, regardless of men and women, if true love each other, don't easily say break up, true love must be mutual tolerance and understanding, don't do meaningless argument, to win the what? It has been said, isn't it? The home, is a not reasonable place, so love connection also makes no sense to tell, we often win the position, and lost each other's heart.

You beat me and, perhaps, or I dispute won you, whether it is we who won? To lose the love, but we eventually lost to a word "race", originally we all lost, I lost you, you lost me, we no longer have the intersection, the ends of the earth is no longer met.

Night, began to quiet, the heart has sprouted out even a pair of invisible wings, carrying the thoughts start hovering in the dim light of night, I don't know a lovesickness, the how much can burst into tears, in shaded by clear tears, and hiding many a sleepless night, the stars of the eyes, the wind lonely, that might have a cold soul, baking in the hot love, remember once walking side by side in the world of mortals devoted to Lin? Remember once common pen to write down the stacks touching love? Remember the promised each other? Maybe everything, time had already been annihilated, but still willing to do with his heart the useless struggles.

Dyed a JiXiaGuang, you are in my Murray aroma story on the front of the world, overelaborate stream, you are my palms unique tomorrow, you don't understand pain, but I will see you as my life wind and rain on the road, the only companion. This life, I was destined to love to prison, for you, as long as my heart was still beating, I will believe, that love, will not reduce, if the time is good medicine, nu skin then it would you let me know how to love you more? Love you, we will return you a free yourself, even if sometimes want to say, you are my kite is the line, I also will put bolts and direction of the vast sky and the beautiful to you. But at the moment, one thousand lines of jun is no longer, heart a piece of empty city. Who twist dongfeng into the ink? Xiaoxiang started late night dream. Three thousand busy washing dust, lonely hook Yin que phrase. A light to the rich, faint bright moon send acacia.