I hope

when I see that it's been a month since my last post, I feel a little panicked. where does one even pick up again after such a long absence nuskin hk?

A short quick entry will not do, right? But then, is anyone even going to read this? I look at beautiful often-visited 'real' blogs, and wish for one, but then, at the same time, this is like a comfortable pair of jeans here, there are no expectations. If I want to be silent, I can. If I have no traffic, Oh well. I can put up my pics, and know that life is chronicled, so when I come back to scrapbook, there is a bit of history here for me, to refer to.
So yes, I do have pictures, and maybe even a few words, maybe nuskin hk.

Our dear Mr. B is now 4 months old and counting plastic storage drawers.
Such a fun fun FUN age nu skin.

When I think of this last month, I think of being tired alot. Craving coffee. Hating bedtime and all that comes after I go to bed. Wishing for an extended period of sleep. Thinking every night that just maybe, this will be a different night. Exalting in the victories we have gained. I mean, a month ago, I had a baby in bed w/ me all night, nursing often, kicking my sides, thrashing around, with another child on a mattress on the floor. Now, baby has moved to his own bed in his own room, learned to fall asleep on his own (wo-hoo), older child has also moved back to her bed and goes to sleep without the assistance of a parent nu skin. (huge WHOOT). Much sleep has been sacrifices, but in the long run, I think the sacrifice will have been worth it. If nothing else we once again have a bedroom to call our own. That is huge international SEO.
Mr. has also been teething, and had a stuffy nose and both of those things are huge to him, and can hinder him sleeping through the night. Everything has to be perfect for an entire night of sleep to be completed. So most nights I'm still nursing multiple times, but overall, sleep habits are improving, and I'm still holding out for that illustrious day when I can go to bed at 10 and wake at 6 or 7. it'll happen. I hope Comelow