we done this week

So what else have we done this week? Hmmm....we made a run to WalMart for ENSURE and BOOST nutritional drinks. RH is supposed to drink 2 or 3 a day to boost his calories and give him plenty of extra vitamins and protein. Every time he has a chemo treatment, his blood is drawn to check his levels. And every time they tell him how good his levels are....including his blood pressure.

I did my usual weekly chores of grocery store shopping and cleaning the house and doing laundry. Which brings to mind a question. If any of you use Swiffer on your floors ~ I've noticed that here in the downsizer on the wood floors (which might be a laminate) I have some slippery spots on the 2nd floor landing....don't know why....Anyone had this happen?

I also made a run to the library yesterday and got more books. Which brings me to the book reviews this week